Saturday, January 31, 2015

NYC Urban Sketcher Visits Venice Beach!

This NYC Urban Sketcher escaped the cold to Venice Beach and posting new sketches for your enjoyment.  For those who've never been here, Venice is an offbeat backwater of greater Los Angeles filled with old folks, homeless people, tatood types, muscle men, and yuppies.  For years, this has been my home-away-from-home. 

Whenever I'm in Venice I visit the Israel Levin Senior Center on the Venice boardwalk - where else would a geriatrician go?  Over the years I have adopted several of these older folks as my aunts and uncles.  Here are a few sketches.

Pano Douvos is a poet and artist well known in the neighborhood.  He certainlty looks the part.

While at the Center I enjoyed a lunch with the old folks. Kosher of course.

Below is 98 year old Esther Woolf, married to Bob who is 102.  They are my adopted family!  

On my last morning in Venice, I took a stroll along the boardwalk to soak in some of the peaceful vibes as the sun came up.  

So here's to you NYC Urban Sketchers in the cold northeast!  I'm going back to the beach to do some more watercolors!


  1. Go ahead, rub it in, Jeff!!! Great sketches of the people and the scenery.

  2. Just wonderful, Jeff! I feel like I took a little trip to Venice..... Calif. Enjoy the sun and surf! Keep sketching!


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