Friday, January 2, 2015

Starting the New Year With a Sketch!

I decided to start the New Year off right so I met Mark, the force behind the NYC Urban Sketchers, to see the film Mr. Turner which was a wonderful depiction of a man and his art.  Afterwards we went to #Fiorellos across from Lincoln Center for some drinks and sketch talk.

Mark had to leave so I stayed around, ordered a brewsky, and decided to seize the moment with a sketch of the waiters behind the antipasto bar.  As usual, the beer helped my perspective.  This is the work in progress:

Albert who was wearing a hat from his home town in Ecuador, loved the sketch.

And here is the close-up:

So Happy New Year Sketchers, and lets drink to a year filled with art, love, prosperity, health, and more art!


  1. Jeff, great sketch of the waiters at work...wouldn't mind a snack or two. Happy New Year!

  2. Here, here, Bravo. I was clearly holding you back sitting there chatting. Things got brilliant after I left. Great kickoff sketch for 2015.

    Should also mention Mr. Turner was a great movie to see for anyone passionate about art.

  3. Jeff, your beautiful sketches bring lots of good cheer for the New Year.

  4. Amazing sketch - happy new year!


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