Monday, January 19, 2015

Subway Sketching

What a coincidence that Mark just posted "How to Draw People on the Subway," as I have been trying my hand at just that.  Inspired by the Urban Sketchers and the manifesto to CAPTURE THE MOMENT I've been carrying my sketchbook on my commute to and from my downtown office.  The biggest challenge is to catch people before they get off or the view is blocked.  If I am lucky I have time to take out my water brush.  Here are some samples of recent work:


Have fun Sketchers, and thanks for the inspiration!


  1. Great sketches!!! You lucked out and found a few models that didn't get off immediately!

  2. Wonderful sketches Jeff. Looking at your drawings it occurs to me that you might've found the only seven people on the entire subway system that didn't have cell phones in their hands.


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