Sunday, January 26, 2014

42nd sketchcrawl

Greetings from a frigid arctic Brooklyn! Joan and I met Pat and Mark walking into the garden just when we arrived. A picture of the polar vortex was in order.

 Sketched some palm leaves in watercolor pencils.

 My next sketch was in the not so warm desert. It is of the Blue Candle Cactus.

 Over at the museum, I sketched the view from the second floor, overlooking the admissions desk in the lobby.

 This was a seated Bronze Buddha from the 16th- 18th c.

"Standing Woman" by the artist Gaston Lachoise , in bronze. He used his wife for a model, and adored her voluptuous curves. She must have been the Kim K of her time. Was it no wonder all the women in our group sketched her? Lets hear it for Gaston!


  1. Great collection of sketches from our day. You are getting good at figures...especially that curvy one! lol She does make me appreciate my hips.

  2. Your sketches are great and it looks like you had such a fun time.

  3. Man, we look cold in that photo. Looking at your sketch of the Lachaise sculpture I feel I missed a good subject to draw. I've seen that sculpture before and never knew it was his wife. It has a real presence that your sketch captured.

  4. Susan (waving at you), love your sketches, especially the admissions desk and your masterful Standing Woman.


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