Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Moveable Subway Feast - January 11, 2014

Saturday was a great sketch day.  I think back on it in three parts:

  1. The Meeting Place - Sketching in Grand Central
  2. The Link-up - Meeting the Manager of the Artist & Craftsman Supply 
  3. Coney Island - The subway ride there and back plus eating at Tom's Coney Island


The Information Booth at Grand Central Station
Quicky Sketching the Tourists

Got a call from Cassie Brehmer the manager of New York City's newest art store, The Artist & Craftsman Supply.  She met fellow NYC USk - Elizabeth Diaz on Friday.  Elizabeth loved the store and got Cassie enthused about what we're doing.  Cassie visited with us in Grand Central Station and arrived with a goodie bag with samples I'm going to be giving out.  Sounds like an interesting store.  I'm looking forward to visiting.

A fast sketch of Cassie as we
chatted about her  store


Waiting for the Q Train

The Subway ride to Coney Island is mostly above ground in Brooklyn which has a nice brightening effect for sketching.  I used the new pencils we got from Artist & Craftsman to sketch Jim as he sat opposite from me on the subway.  I used regular watercolor for the background.  

Jim sketching
When got to Coney Island during the worst rain of the entire day.  The wind off the ocean was strong enough to eat umbrellas and left them useless.  We trudged two blocks to the boardwalk to go to Tom's Coney Island.  It was warm, dry and had great food.  It was also filled with interesting people.  

The next table had three people with really impressive looking cameras and related equipment.  I assumed they were a Camera Club.  What they were was a family celebrating their 32 Anniversary.   Bob DeRosa was there with his wife and daughter.  Bob is a professional photographer and has been documenting sites in New York City for years.  You should check out his work.   Bob took this photograph of us after we left Tom's

© Robert Anthony DeRosa. All rights reserved.

During the subway ride back to Manhattan I got a chance to sketch the people riding with us.

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  1. Looks like you made the best of what was a very wet day. Sorry I missed it!


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