Thursday, January 16, 2014

Brooklyn Museum, Sunday, January 12, 2014

On Sunday I joined the Central Park Sketching and Art Meetup Group outside the Brooklyn Museum. After Jesse got us all organized we headed up to the third floor where the Egyptian Collection is housed. I spent some time walking around and then chose something to sketch.

There was time to do another drawing before we all (50+ artists) gathered together, (maybe near the elevators(?), I can’t remember, its a blank), and displayed our work against the walls.

Back down to the first floor where I settled in to draw a very large whale mask and failed miserably. It is created out of what looks like many pieces of found wood and metal and is absolutely magnificent. Accepting my defeat I walked around and found Jenny drawing on a large pad using charcoal and sitting still. Phew. She was much more manageable and in real life not a bit wonky.

After gathering again to view all the sketches we, en masse, headed up to the fourth floor – Decorative Arts is where I ended up  here specifically. Not exactly my cup of tea but since I like to draw chairs and am thinking about drawing more of them, I told myself to “suck it up” and just do it. I decided Finngr Pro would be perfect for this because its limitations prohibit getting fussy, especially with all the fussy/busy/curlicued chairs I was confronted with.

Finished, I wandered around and stopped to quickly draw two of my fellow sketchers and then we all gathered for the last time before splitting up.

On the subway back to Manhattan, I sat opposite this group of friends happily chatting with each other, not a cell phone in sight.
I’ve started (finally) getting my library books through the Overdrive app. This means that there is room in my bag for my small Moleskine and some pens. Couple that with the fact that I won’t take iPat out while I’m on a subway and voilà!:

I exited the subway at 14th Street and walked back the rest of the way uptown on the High Line. It was such a good day. Even missing my train and having an hour to wait was good. There was time for a leisurely cup of coffee and a nosh.

Ipad; New Trent Arcadia stylus. All the artwork was done while in the museum – I didn’t fiddle with it at home later.
1,2,3: Sketch Club for the drawing, ArtRage for the painting. The text in the first two were pics taken of the informational cards next to the artwork which were imported into ArtRage .
3,4: Finngr Pro, Glaze and ArtRage apps.

Moleskin sketchbook with pages pre-printed using Gelli plate and acrylic paint, Sharpie fine tip pen, and broad tip marker, Sharpie white oil paint pen and Crayola red marker. This one I did work on at home - the broad tip marker, white sharpie pen and red marker.


  1. Looks like you had a full day of sketching...50 people...that's quite a group.

  2. Joan, these sketches are so good. If these last three were enlarged to poster size, they would make great advertisements for Brooklyn, the museum or NY in general, hoity-toity fashionable Manhattan apartments. I love the chair. I've been watching Mad Men on my iPad, so I am a little into marketing right now! LOL


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