Sunday, January 19, 2014

Uptown Gem: The Hispanic Society of America

Courtyard with archways, Hispanic Society of America, New York, NY
It's so lovely to discover places that aren't tourist-mobbed. Founded in the early 1900s, this museum and library showcases paintings, sculptures, textiles and decorative arts. Its two-storey central court proved a sienna-hued oasis on this snowy/sleety winter day.

At the Hispanic Society of America, New York, NY

The "Vision of Spain" murals by Joaquin Sorolla alone are worth the visit -- they fill an entire octagonal room and are luminous, larger-than-life, drenched with color. If you like Sargent, these are a must-see.


  1. Suma, where did you disappear to? I saw you for two minutes and then you were gone. I love your sketch of the central court. I like how you can even see into the areas behind the arches. Nice job!

  2. Agreed - Nice job. This might be a place worth a return visit. Sorry you left so early. What did you think of the new art store?


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