Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Portrait Party - February 1, 2014

This is going to be a little different.  
Please read the details and be sure to check on some updates below.

We are going to be indoors and will be sketching one another.  No one sits as calmly and as still as a fellow sketcher.
  • I am going to be supply the paper.  We are all going to be working in the same size format 9 x 12".  You'll need to work in a medium that's dark enough to be read on a large sheet of paper.  (Probably a #2 pencil will not be dark enough).  
  • We'll be sketching round-robin style, so you'll get a chance to sketch everyone and everyone will get a chance to sketch you.  For this reason coming late will create a bit of a problem.
  • Each portrait is going to be timed so think about a medium that will allow you to cover the paper quickly.
  • When:  We will meet at 10 AM.  The actual portrait sketching won't begin until 11 AM.  Bring a sketchbook or paper to use for the first hour warm up.
  • Where:  The IBM Building at 590 Madison Avenue and 56th Street in Manhattan.  They have a beautiful privately owned public atrium.

 If you can't find us
Call or text Mark 973-809-9128


1.     We are expecting an Art Teacher from Moscow to be joining us in early March.  She’s traveling with a group of students.

2.     Joan uploaded a number of her sketches she did during the Sketch Crawl to the the NYC Urban Sketchers post on sketchcrawl.comShe is encouraging everyone to also post their sketches

3.     We will be sketching to a theme next week – “Welcome to My City”.  A number of sketchers volunteered to participate in the International Sketch Swap for that day

4.     I've negotiated permission for us to attend a sketch at a Fencing School.  I suppose NYC has a school for everything.  Drawing motion is challenging.  The sword play is stylize with lots of rules, but the actual action is as fast as lighting. It should be interesting.

5.     Shawne Copper mentioned she’s a Tango dancer.  We're working on finding a place where we can go to Sketch the Tango.   

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  1. Hello Mark,
    My dad, who is a visitor to NYC at the moment, would like to join sketching events, though he is not a member of the urban sketchers group. Is it open to non members too? If yes, I would pass on the details to him. Thank you!


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