Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sketching at the Hispanic Society of America

Mark has been introducing us to some new places that I didn't even really know about...THANKS!

Today we visited the Hispanic Society of America. Being too cold and wet to sit outside (It was snowing in the morning.) we really explored everything in this museum.

I sketched part of the tomb of Gutierre de la Cueva, bishop of Palencia, which dates from the early 16th century.
I did two parts of it.

I sketched this from upstairs looking down. All those arches were making me crazy. I made sure to include the security guard as well as some of our fellow sketchers at work.

The Royal Arms of Spain, from 1700 was impressive.

Susan and Mark were working hard at their sketches.

Sketching always builds up our appetites so we headed over to Restaurante La Libertad on Broadway.
Of course everyone sketched before and after our meals.
I found an interesting model over by the bar.

You can see how busy everyone was at the table. I wonder what the other patrons and employees think when they see us sketching...

A few of us did head back to the museum to do some final sketching before the day was over.
These are some tin-glazed pieces of earthenware from Puebla de los Angeles, Mexico from the 1700s.

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  1. Love the simply stated restrained warms and cools in the sketch of the tomb of Gutierre de la Cueva, bishop of Palencia, I was drawn to it too. Thanks for remembering to take photos and sharing them.


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