Friday, January 10, 2014

Subway Sketching - January 11, 2014

Most sketchers have tried their hand at drawing people on the NYC Subway system, but we've never done it as a group.  This could have the feel of a Flash Mob.  Imagine the unsuspecting person getting onto a subway car to discover it filled with people sketching the passengers, the car, the advertisements and the change views out the window.  (A good portion of our sketch time will be above ground on elevated tracks.)


  • We're meeting at Grand Central Station at 10 AM.  
  • Look for us at the Information Booth in the central rotunda
  • We'll warm up sketching the people passing through and the Beaux Arts interior of the great building.
  • At 11:30 we're taking the shuttle to Times Square
  • We will take the Q Train to Coney Island
    • Marie Roberts, the unofficial mayor of Coney Island says the Q train absolutely has the best view of the four possible subways
  • Weather permitting we will sketch Coney Island after we arrive and then have a lunch and share art work
    • If the forecasted rain is too much we'll go right to lunch
  • The return trip will be our second round of subway sketching
  • To memorialize the event Urban Sketcher Lance Gambis intends to create a video about our day.

I will have an interesting announcement regarding a project with the Brazilian Urban Sketchers of Sao Paulo.  If you can't make it this Saturday details will be posted this coming week.

If you can't find us, or get off to a late start:

Call Mark:   973-809-9128

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