Friday, June 6, 2014

59th Street Bridge Sketching

Last Saturday proved a beautiful day to check out the 59th Street Bridge despite a downpour in the late afternoon.  Urban Sketchers ascended the pedestrian walkway to sketch amid the runners and bikers, taking in spectacular views up and down the river, as well as Roosevelt Island. A plaque at the base of the bridge indicated that until 1930 this was the longest bridge in the US, and that it provided the impetus for the development of Queens.

Here is the pedestrian walkway flanked by the imposing steel structure of the bridge.

Looking north one could see the rough, choppy waters of the East River and the Triboro Bridge in the background.
Directly down below was the pedestrian promenade and a park under renovation.
We took lunch at the Food Emporium located in the base of the bridge, then sketched the view from the promenade at water's edge.
Around three pm the rain started which put paid to a successful day of urban sketching.

J. Welch


  1. Nice sketches Jim. I particularly like the one with guy on the bridge. Great structural detail.

    Here's a thought: You could have drawn the guy holding his head running towards the viewer screaming - like the Munch drawing. You could have called in - Feeling Not So Groovy?

    Good collection -

  2. Jim, nice group of sketches!!! It was a good location. I hope you made it to your train before the downpour.


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