Monday, June 30, 2014

Cold Spring

Thank you to our host and hostess for sharing your lovely town with us. The weather, company, and location were perfect. I finished four sketches. Color was added to the gazebo when I got home (at 10 PM). It was a long day.

A view of the mountains and the Hudson River

Slate roof and mansard windows


  1. Susan, you got so many done!!! You're catching up to me. I love the relaxed feel and colors of the one of the boat and your mountain. No, I am not replaying that song in my head while I am typing this. LOL Great job on the detail on all of these. The town had so much character and you captured quite a bit of it. Nice!!

  2. A long, but productive day. I'm also particularly drawn to the first sketch with the sailboat. It has depth and a sense of peacefulness. Good stuff!


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