Monday, June 16, 2014

Coney Island post from Eugene Profanato

Hi Mark,

What a Great Day! Thank You! Here are the Group & Individual Photos. In addition, would it be ok if you uploaded my sketch?

The Smiley Face of Coney Island

I turned the figure (can't remember his name into the Joker.)

Eugene turns the smiley face into the Joker

Group Photo at Coney Island

Thank You & Maria Again!!


  1. Who is the sexy woman in the middle pointing to Jimmy's head? I don't think I know her. lol

  2. Not sure. It might be Princess Pat, the Real Nigerian Princess. However I can tell you the huge sign was painted by NYC Urban Sketcher - Marie Roberts. Inside she had a mural that was 24' x 12'. She told me she painted it in 8 days!


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