Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sketching Coney Island - June 14, 2014

It was nearly a perfect sketch day.  It had everything:  A great location, a fascinating host, perfect weather and good food.  Who could ask for more?

Antique Bumper Cars from the Coney Island Museum

The Deno's Fabulous Wonder Wheel - the Center of Coney Island

The Restored Carrousel Horses

The Coney Island Circus Side Show

At the Coney Island Circus Side Show we sat in the dark and watched the acts.  The motion was continuous and  filled with the unexpected.  Sketching was difficult to say the least.

Ray Valenz started things off by pounding a huge nail into his nose.  He followed that up with by buy putting a whirling  Black and Decker drill up his nose.

I missed sketching Alejandro Dubois because he called on me to stand on his chest as he lay down on a bed of nails.  Back in my seat I was able to sketch him wriggling out of a straight jacket.  I've got to say - this doesn't seem like an easy job..

Later on at the bar, while enjoying a beer, Betsy Propane sat down with us.  It was her day off but she couldn't stay away from the place.  I did this quick sketch and gave it to her.

She still seemed willing to pose so I did another:

I should also mention that it was Bring Your Dog to Coney Island Day and there were loads of dogs everywhere you looked.  We rode Dino's Wonder Wheel with a group of little dogs who seemed to enjoy the ride.

I snapped these two pictures.  You'll probably notice that one of them actually isn't a dog.


  1. Mark, great sketches and photos. Was it also "bring your iguana to Coney Island Day"? And all I got to paint on Saturday was gardens. lol

  2. I love your sketches Mark! Especially Betsy Propane. It must have been quite a day!

  3. Great sketches Mark! The application of colour bring the images to life!

  4. I love the colors! and your subject choices.


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