Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sketching in Cold Spring

My thanks to John and his wife Karn for welcoming us to their home and their town yesterday.
It was such a wonderful day and despite the fact that we were so far out of the city, members came by train and car to experience Cold Spring and were not disappointed.

Susan and I drove from Long Island and it was worth the 2 hr trip!

Our first sketch spot was down by the waterfront. I couldn't resist the gazebo with the flags and the Americana red, white and blue banner hanging...great Cold Spring charm.

There were some of the usual members and some that joined up with us for the first time.
Of course I took some photos of everyone at work.

I had a few minutes to sketch Lucy.

Next it was back to John's house which we decided looked like we were in Provence.

Everyone got lunch which we shared in the shade in the garden.
We talked "shop" ...

... and shared our work from the morning.

Then it was off for round two of sketching along Main Street.
I sketched a cute house first.

And then a store which I sketched there and added color to at home.

Around 4:00 we went back to John's to relax in the shade and have a cool drink while we talked.
Some of the sketchers headed home, or back to the waterfront to sketch.
Susan and I went back to Main Street and did one final sketch.
I got inspired by some of the other sketchers who had used lettering with their sketches.

It was such a great day! My thanks again to John and Karn for welcoming us, 
and to John for organizing our day so well.


  1. Great job capturing the day and spirit in your sketches and photos. Also, thanks for driving.

  2. Thanks, Amy! It really was such a charming town.

    Susan, thanks! It wouldn't have been so bad if we had found the Taconic a bit quicker going home. lol


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