Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dumbo and Brooklyn Navy Yard Sketching, 6/7/14

On our way to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Mark and I lingered in Dumbo to sketch a few sights:

 This is the little lighthouse that used to guide ships on the East River.

Here is a wide panorama of upper New York Bay- the Bayonne Bridge to the left, Lady Liberty, and the Marine Terminal on the tip of Manhattan to the right.

At the Navy Yard we were directed to a non-descript warehouse on premises where a big crowd was using colored pencils to draw designs on big pieces of cardboard.  They were then shaped by a jigsaw behind the yellow curtain at left.

 Participants assembled their now shaped cardboard into interesting shapes on a platform made up of mini-sawhorses.

Here are sketches of the various participants.

A camera was suspended overhead to document over time the assembly of the artwork. An interesting way to spend a beautiful summer day in Brooklyn.          Jim W.


  1. Jim, you did a great job sketching all the people!!! Impressive.

  2. Thanks Joan, gotta work on proportions- heads a little big, feet a little small. But it was a great captive audience to practice with!


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