Sunday, June 15, 2014

Coney Island- Palimpsest Manuscript- Yesterday and Today

Urban Sketchers hit the beaches of Coney Island on a brilliant Saturday, mingling with the crowds seeking sun and relaxation in Brooklyn's venerable fun strip.  We were invited to tour the Coney Island Museum, the Wonder Wheel, and well as attractions on the boardwalk such as the new Carousel with its beautifully restored wooden horses.

The Coney Island Museum

A large painting in the bar area of the Museum
by Marie Roberts

The Wonder Wheel maintained and operated
by the Vouderis family

The Abraham Lincoln horse carved 1909 on the
Centenary of Abraham Lincoln's birth

Bumper cars from several decades, displayed
in the Coney Island Museum

Ephemera from Coney Island's past, 
and Mark sketching in the shadow of
the Wonder Wheel

'Wild' style horse heads from the Carousel- not your calm
beasts of burden, but spirited animals, hair flying, and with their tongues out!

We ended the day taking in the Circus Sideshow at the Museum, a recreation of what such events must have been like in the last century. Urban Sketchers thank Marie Roberts for all her work leading us through the history and attractions of this fabled section of the city.  

Jim W.


  1. Jim, great photos and sketches of the day. Looks like I missed a wonderful day!!

  2. It was a wonderful day. Nice job Jim

  3. I was so busy taking it in that I didnt do any 'long shots' of the wheel or carousel or boardwalk. Lots to absorb!

  4. Love your shots and sketches! There was sensory overload that it was difficult to focus on what to sketch!


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