Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Sketching Day at DUMBO

Brooklyn seems to have some great locations and DUMBO was one of those.

We met at the former lighthouse right by the bridge. There were so many views to paint.

Rayle, Shawne, and Mark were busy sketching in front of me.

We will soon all be experts at sketching bridges...we seem to have done so many.

Lunch breaks are a good time for sharing.
We all checked out Santi's sketches of NYC.

Then we were off again. We stopped to do a quick sketch and everyone found seats.

I did a few mini sketches directly in pen.

Then it was on to Water Street and Washington Street.

We all found spots on the sidewalk and in the street....luckily there wasn't too much traffic 'cause everyone was busy looking at the view, not the cars.

Susan and I stayed in that area to sketch another view. 
Sorry we missed the throw down but my car was parked near where we were sketching and it would have been a long walk back. It was a great day!

Wishing Mark and Rayle a great time at the symposium in Brazil. I can't wait to see what you sketch there.

Adios to Santi!!! It was a pleasure sketching with you these last two weeks. Maybe we will see you in Barcelona some day. Let us know when your book comes out.

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  1. These came out great Joan! You got a nice variety of views. I especially love the little thumbnails.


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