Monday, August 18, 2014

My Pivot Paint Post

 Looking into the morning sun the buildings felt lost in the bright light and details were obscured in the shadows.

Conrad was busy drawing and seemed like a good subject for a fast sketch.

Sometimes the drawings that feel best are the quick ones that get tossed off in a moment without much thought or care.

A couple at the bar

We went for beers after the sketch.  I sat facing the bar.  A woman leaned over and shared a moment with her partner.  The pose lasted twenty seconds or less.

Jim Sketching

I turned to Jim who was doing a quick sketch.  He was wearing his worn-out Boston Red Sox hat and stared intently at me as I sketched him.

Waiting for the bus

As I waited for the bus I spotted a couple who were talking.  As I put pen to paper they hugged.  Again, a moment that was done in twenty seconds.

I must be a romantic.

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  1. Mark you really captured the spirit of the portraits and figures. I like the emotion that comes through them. Nice!!


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