Saturday, August 2, 2014

Yin and Yang at Snug Harbor, Staten Island

Saturday, 7/27/14, Urban Sketchers made the long schlep to Snug Harbor in Staten Island to visit the Chinese Scholar's Garden, a beautiful pavilion with enclosed pools and waterfalls.

Here are sketchers viewing the main courtyard with pool flanked by scholar's rocks.

This is the end of a room in the adjoining smaller courtyard.

A view of the main courtyard from opposite the scholar's rocks and main pavilion.

The entrance to a short bridge flanked by trees and vegetation.

There was a man playing haunting melodies on a Chinese flute as we sketched, creating an ethereal atmosphere that afternoon.  Everyone agreed it was a very special, meditative experience with the music in the background.  Jim W.


  1. Love the quickie thumbnail sketches

  2. Jim, doing the thumbnails is a good idea. That way you can capture a bit more of the experience. Nice work! I really enjoyed that location.


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