Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sketching DUMBO

The sun never really came out and it was a more beautiful day for it.  Dark clouds added drama to the fantastic views of the harbor and the city.

The River Cafe with the Manhattan Bridge above
and the Williamsburg Bridge in the distance

Our second stop was the view of the bridge from the corner of Water and Washington Streets.  As we setup to sketch on the narrow side walks passing people stayed to watch and look at the view.  There were 25 Urban Sketchers and soon there was an equal number of tourists taking photos of us and the incredible view.  Then a photographer and model setup 20 feet from us to do a shoot.  The tourists photographed that too.  It was quite an event.

At lunch I drew a quick picture of Jan Finlayson who was visiting us from Adelaide, Australia.  It's so great meeting Urban Sketcher  from around the world, -  complete strangers who share a passion.  We all enjoyed her company.


At the end of the day the remaining sketchers gathered to share drawings and pose for this photo in front of the carousel.

After, about ten of us went to a bar nearby to continue talking and sketching.

Last chance to sketch Santi since
he's going back to Barcelona later this week
Still Life with Beer


  1. Beautiful sketches, Mark. Particularly love the colors in the sky in the first one. Don't tell me you're posting this on the way to the airport to the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Brazil (?!)

  2. Super sketches of a great day! What a perfect location. I love the mix of colors in the sky of the first sketch which add such drama to it. You won't find views like that in Brazil. We will try to keep things going in your absence.

  3. Nice assortment of sketches of the day. I also like the drama of the first one. Have a great time...don't forget to send the hand sketched postcards to us ;)


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