Tuesday, August 12, 2014

This sketch makes the whole scene look much more pristine and idyllic than it actually was. It was hot, there was geese poop on the ground (fortunately I brought a sheet to sit on), and the water looked filthy. Still, there was the feeling of something culturally very ancient. The oarsmen (both young men and women) were marshalled on by young women at the prows beating huge drums. Plus there was the exquisite shape of the various colored boats with dragon heads on the prows.


  1. I think you captured the scene well, Amy! Nice job! The pops of red around the painting makes you look around the sketch for all the details.

  2. Wonderful Amy. This was very hard to capture. You did a great job. I also liked your comment, it felt like we are participating in something that had very deep roots.

  3. Great feel to this! Definitely captures the mood and energy of the event.


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