Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cape Cod Quickie

My husband heard about a friend of mine who had been to Cape Cod recently and wondered why we hadn't taken a trip there in far too long. I've been busy but found a few days where we could head up there for 3 nights and he could happily eat all the seafood he wanted, and I could sketch.

We took the ferry from Orient Point to New London, CT. I like taking the ferry because it cuts down on the amount of time we are in the I can sketch.

We stayed in South Yarmouth right on the the dunes were a good subject to do.

I've been participating in the Inktober Challenge so I sketched a bit in ink too.

I wanted to go to the Nauset Lighthouse in Eastham which was about a 30 minute drive from where we were staying. Upon arrival I realized I left my backpack with my normal sketching/painting supplies on the bed in the hotel. Thank goodness I keep sketching supplies in my car too...however the sketchpad was only a small moleskin. It had to suffice. I sketched the lighthouse and then went down bizillion stairs to the beach and sketched some rocks in the water. Here is a photo of the very eroded cliffs there.

Our last full day was spent in Provincetown, which I always enjoy. In all the times we've visited there I've seen the "Lobster Pot" restaurant each time. We still haven't eaten there, but at least I sketched it. While I was sitting on the opposite side of the street sketching it, a woman stopped her car in front of me, leaned over in the front seat, and asked me if I was an urban sketcher. She said she was a local urban sketcher, asked me where I was from, wished me well and took off.

There are always lots of people (and dogs) walking down Commercial Street.

I did this last Provincetown sketch down by the wharf on the beach.

We were heading home on the 2:00 ferry from New London, so I had a little time to do a sketch on the grounds of our resort.

Of course there was time for a sketch on the ferry home before my trip was over.


  1. I can't believe how much you sketched! I really like the variety of style and subject matter.

  2. Sounds and looks heavenly, Joan. What a great trip and set of drawings.

  3. Thanks Susan and Melanie. I think all I did was sketch or eat. lol

  4. Great sketches, would love to join one of your events!


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