Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sketching at the Met

I'm so glad that we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to see the Sargent show before it closed. I loved so many of his pieces, but this is one of my favorites. That's how I want to paint when I grow up!

Inspired by his paintings and sketches Susan and I headed off to sketch. We wandered into the the gallery with the musical instruments. This saxophone was 6'7'' tall. Imagine trying to carry that around. lol I did this on Strathmore toned paper and used a bit of watercolor pencil and white gel pen.

I've always been impressed with that grand staircase that leads up from the main lobby. I sketched from a view above the stairs and had fun trying to catch some of the visitors coming up or going down the stairs. I left this one in just ink in case I wanted to use it for my Inktober sketch for the day...but I did another one later that I decided to use instead.

After lunch we headed over to the armor which we loved on our last visit. The samurai armor (gasaku) was impressive and beautiful, with subtle colors and patterns.

I left Susan, Elaine and Ben sketching by the samurai and moved over to one of the mounted knights. Neither of the two sketchbooks I had looked like I could fit the sketch on one page, so I worked across the spiral binding in the center and didn't have to cut off the knight's head or leave off the front of the horse. lol This was the sketch that I used for my Inktober sketch for the day.

Susan and I opted to stay and sketch when everyone went off to the show and tell, so we missed seeing what everyone else did during the day. I hope that everyone posts their work. On the way back to get Susan's car we stopped to see if anyone was left at the bar, but we were too late to catch anyone...maybe next time.


  1. Once again you got a nice variety of subjects. I think we are both attracted to heavy metal!!! I want to go back and sketch more Samurai.

  2. I want to go back too! I only got to the helmet and I really wanted to get the whole body. Great Sketches Joan, I just love them. I showed the horse to Ben and he said that he knew where you must have been sitting. :)

  3. Thanks, Susan. There are always so many opportunities for sketching there.

    Elaine, thanks so much. The armor is fun to do...who knew each one is so different. Ben has a good eye!


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