Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sketching at the Metropolitain Museum of Art

Sometimes you wonder, why do I sketch?  I have a family, I work, I have obligations and so on.  I read the stories of, I had to squeeze in my journal time on vacation or they had to wait in the café.  But I have been blessed.  My child, my 6 year old son is an Urban Sketcher.  He has come with me on several outings with the group.  I have taken him all over just to find the "spot to sketch", and we have hurried each other when realizing, it really is time to go! 
For this outing, we started in the museum with the group in the Hall of Statues with the great Marble Roman statues which were awe inspiring.  We were early enough to find chairs so a bunch of us lined up and drew what was in front of us.

Although, I found these amazing and inspiring, my 6 year old was unimpressed and colored in a coloring book, and moved onto making a star wars inspired creature. (According to Ben this is Kodi?)
After lunch we decided to explore the museum a bit and find something we could both enjoy.  So we, with a few other sketchers, went to the Medieval section. This was where we found our stride. After exploring the entire Section,  Ben found a corner and I stood, and we drew and drew. With Susan, we were somewhat of a spectacle.  A lot of people stopped to see what we were doing, and admire our work.  I think we may have inspired a few kids to bring a sketch book next time.
I fell in love with a dragon helmet....
 ....and Ben loved the armor and the dragon symbolism, which led to drawing one of the figures and his own dragons...

He also drew the shields and one of the huge swords.  They were as tall as the ceiling, and decorated with animals and eagles.
There were many dragon themed armors, and we are reading a dragon series, so this was all very exciting.

So, why do I sketch?  The enjoyment I have to share with my son is a big reason.  We draw together in the evenings, when we go places and we share the moments.  I am sure there are so many other reasons, but at least I know together, I feel a little less guilt when going to "just sketch". 


  1. How about: I sketch because I model for my son how important it is for him to fool low his passion. The fact that he enjoys it too and you get to spend this great time together, double bonus round. Well done MOM!! PS. Tell Ben I think his drawings are the bomb!

  2. Elaine, you certainly got alot of setching done, and I am sorry I didn't get to see these closeup before you left. I love the dragon helmet! Bens sketches are so much fun and creative. I think he inspired many kids yesterday. I heard several say "dad/mom, can we do this sometime?" These are memories that he will never forget, and as he gets older and looks back at these sketch books, he will remember what he experienced at each location with you. He is very much at ease talking to people, and you are fostering his creativity and imagination. All life lessons. Good work, mom!

  3. How great that you and Ben can share wonderful locations and sketch together. I love that he looks at something and it inspires him to create something original. Susan is right, these are memories that will stay with him. I enjoyed seeing him interact with the woman at the table at lunch. Most kids could care less about talking to a stranger and sharing what he was doing. You are both very lucky. Nice work on the sketches of the statues. I didn't get to see any of what you were sketching before I lost track of you yesterday. It was a great day for sketching.

  4. I hope you meant spectacle in a nice way ; )). We should have set up a starving artist tip jar!


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