Sunday, October 25, 2015

Urban Sketchers Visit Washington Square Park

The cold overcast day did not stop the NY Urban Sketchers who turned out in force this past Saturday in Washington Square Park - a crossroads of the world for all types of humanity.  I warmed up with a pencil sketch of Larry the Bird Man surrounded by his feathered friends.

Then went to the fountain where I set up my tripod and watercolor set, and did a sketch of the Justice for Freddy Gray and Black Lives demonstration.  A man by the name of Richard Agudelo took my picture while painting and was kind enough to send it to me.

The inking was rendered with a bamboo stick that was soaked in water for an hour, a trick an Urban Sketcher taught me.  It really helps even out the flow of ink.

I sketched a new sketcher named Kim, who had an amazing level of concentration and didn't move for a very long time.  Very convenient for sketching!  Also rendered with a soaked bamboo stick and India ink.

Here is Svetlana, Kim, Susan, and Masako, another new sketcher.  I had the time to do another, but was getting very cold.  I promised Susan I would make her look beautiful which wasn't that difficult.

I am always impressed with Susan's masterpieces:

Finally I did a quickie of a guy at the Prayer Station.  He wanted me to pray and I explained that drawing is my way of prayer.

We ended up at the Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor, where we downed a few and admired the work. 

So Sketchers, it was a crisp and wonderful Fall day in Greenwich Village.  A good time was had, and many beautiful sketches were produced.  It was great seeing new faces in the group!  We even had a guest appearance by Thomas Thorspecken, who wrote one of my favorite guides to Urban Sketching.  Thanks Mark, for doing the organizing, and I will see you all next time… Meanwhile, happy sketching!

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  1. Your sketches are great, Jeff! I especially like the one of the protest...good composition and color. I'm glad we all braved the cold. Where else could you get all that excitement?

  2. Looks like a wonderful time. Need to get my group going again in my town.

  3. Excellent job on the crowd scene and the arch! and a big thumbs up on those three attractive women :))


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