Saturday, October 31, 2015

Some Washington Square Photos

We were joined late in the day my Anne Smith's parents.  They seemed to enjoy being with us and fit right in.  I wasn't aware that Jeffrey was busy snapping pictures.   Here are a couple that in my opinion stood out :

The last is my favorite.  It's such an Urban Sketching shot!  She's right there in the middle of the action busy drawing.  Thanks for sharing Jeffrey.


  1. Mark, it was a pleasure and an honor to join your in with your group. I enjoyed talking with members and seeing the amazing work you are doing. As an amateur in another medium, I can appreciate the excitement and fun of chasing the perfect image. Anyone interested can find my best photos on Flickr under the name Fitzharold.
    Regards to all, Jeffery (

  2. I love the last shot also. Ann was pretty fearless sketching in public with us for the first time!

    1. Agreed. It definitely takes a lot of guts in the begining, although repetition turns what feels like a very bold action into something pretty commonplace.

  3. Good photos! I got a shot of Ann too but from the back. Everyone looks like they were having such a good time...and they were!


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