Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fort Tryon and Fall Festivities

Although it is mid-October the leaves have hardly started to turn, but that has not stopped fall festivities.  During our weekend outing with the NYC Urban Sketchers, a Fall Harvest Fest was under way.  Since I brought my 7 year old, Ben, we anxiously awaited the opening of the festivities, and were eyeing the pumpkin patch.  There is just something about those orange pumpkins.  While we waited for the festival to begin we both sketched and painted the beautiful grounds.
The New Leaf Café building was our meeting location, and I think most of us were able to get some of it. I loved all the dogs and dog walkers, and I could have devoted a page to that. However, I did manage to add in a quick sketch of a Russian Wolf Hound.  This huge dog added some splashes of water to my picture above as he said hello while I drew on. 
This area had a lot of low shrubs and Ben was inspired by the activity. He really liked the sparrows and low plants. Yes, he named his sketch.

After we were sufficiently frozen, the Festival began!

And we did even more art involving pumpkin painting, cupcake decorating and birds nest building.  It was fun to sketch the kids doing crafts, as they were very still.  A very rare moment, to see children still.  And of course all the costumes were a blast too sketch too.

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  1. You really got a lot of sketching done!!! Quite a full day for both of you!


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