Thursday, September 28, 2023


Saturday October 28, 2023 workshop 

Perspective de-Mystified with Alán Ramiro

Presently established in Lisbon, Alán is returing to New York to conduct this workshop. This workshop is dedicated to the nuanced art of perspective, seeking to dispel its mysteries once and for all. The workshop journey commences with exercises in visualization, designed to impart clarity and inspire those revelatory "a-ha" moments. Subsequently, participants will immerse themselves in an elaborate urban street scene, bustling with cars, a bridge, and a dramatic sensation of a one-point perspective. This experience prioritizes the essence of movement and offers a view that does not include the small details of buildings and instead focuses on the dynamic energy of perspective. Explore this workshop through ink and watercolor to see the lines and gain a new visual understanding.

The workshop will be held outside under a train trestle. The Forum at Columbia University is just around the corner and offers an indoor location with restrooms in case of bad weather. See map below.

When: Saturday October 28th at 10am-1pm

Location and Directions: Meet outside under the No 1 Subway Train Station, at 125th Street and Broadway, group will then move to a location near by that gives you great views of the long perspective

Suggested Tools and Materials

-A color pencil and scrap paper

-A watercolor sketchbook or paper block.

-Permanent ink pens, or a fountain pen. If possible, bring a variety of sizes.

-Any Watercolor kit. Water brushes or various brush sizes

-A travel stool.

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