Tuesday, September 19, 2023

SUNDAY: We’ll Sketch Something!


The Thing About the Weather is You Always Get Something!

As I start on our sketching plans for this weekend the weather forecast is miserable.  Rain is predicted for both Saturday and Sunday.  However, I am struck by two facts.

1.  We didn’t sketch together last week, so I’m itching to get out there. Maybe you are too?

2.  The weather forecast is sometimes wrong.

I have the strongest feeling that it will not rain on both weekend days.  Sunday looks like the better bet, and my completely uninformed optimistic guess is that it will rain overnight and by Sunday morning we’ll have a decent day.


But, I might be wrong, so let’s plan to sketch by the Metropolitan Museum.  If it is NOT raining at 10 AM, let’s meet by the path into Central Park. (see map).  If it is raining let’s meet by the information desk at the Met.   

ADDED BONUS!   If we do get rain the good news is we will also get the opportunity to see the new Manet/Degas show.  They’re exhibiting Manet’s Olympia and many other fantastic works.  Either way - we get a good day.


WHAT:  We’re hopefully sketching in Central Park, in the area around the Met.  If it’s raining we’ll sketch inside the museum.

WHEN:  We’ll meet at 10:00 AM - by the entrance to Central Park if it’s not raining.  OR - We’ll meet at 10:15  AM (it’ll take a while to check in) by the Met Information desk if it’s raining. We will be sketching until 3 PM on SUNDAY, September 24th, 2023  

WHERE:  See the map below, and details above


By Subway:

East Side:  4, 5 or 6 train to 86 St. Walk west.

West Side:  1, train, or C train to 86 St.  Either walk across Central Park or take the 86th St. bus cross town to Fifth Ave. 

By Car:  The museum has paid parking.

LUNCH:  12:00 PM  - Lunch in the shade at a spot to be determined in the park if we get a good day.  If we’re in the museum go to the large cafeteria in the basement.  We’ll be seated all the way in the back on the left side.   Bring your lunch or purchase from the carts in the park or from the museum if we’re indoors.  

AFTERNOON:  1:00 PM  Back to sketching

SHOW AND TELL:  3:00 PM  Probably in our lunch spot.   This is the social part of our day where we will share our sketches, tell stories, and probably talk about art supplies.

The Outdoor Meeting Spot - click to enlarge

The Indoor Meeting Spot - click to enlarge


-  Bring a stool - it gives you more options.  Yes you can use a stool in the museum if you stay out of the way. 

-  Be prepared for direct sun and dress accordingly (see, I told you I was an optimist).

Can't find us?  

Call or Text Mark - 973-809-9128

There are no fees or attendance taken. 

All drawing skill levels are welcome.

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