Monday, October 20, 2014

High Line at the Rail Yards

My first sketch was overlooking the rail yards with a glimpse of the Empire State building in the background. It was a little daunting at first, but the trains won't be here for long, as this will soon go the way of most NY real estate, so I really wanted to capture it.

This scene shows a view of the Hudson River , a bit of Jersey, and the changing foliage along the West Side Hwy. My interest was really the use of the rail tracks, with the garden planted by nature... in otherwords, weeds. Incorporated into this was a cement sculpture cube mixed with items like old sneakers and socks. The cube looked like it was part of the original railyard and many walked by thinking it was urban decay.


This is one of the new professionally landscaped areas that incorporates a switching track into the design, and lets the people walk on it, as opposed to some of the others behind fencing. The tourists were shoulder to shoulder at this location, standing directly in front of me while taking their pictures.  The weather held out, it was a good location, with good company! What more could I ask for!


  1. Great job choosing a location for our sketchcrawl from the High Line to the "dive" bar to finish the day. These came out great. I especially like the first one of the rail yard and that you were able to fit the Empire State Bldg in yours...I ran out of room. lol Amazing that you were able to do the last one so well with the number of people who kept standing right in front of you. lol

  2. Awesome color in the rail yard sketch!


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