Monday, October 27, 2014

The NYC and Caracas Sketch Event

What a great autumn day for sketching   Lots of new people affiliated with the ASLA were there.

We started at the Metropolitan Museum

We drew some of the people in front of the museum, including this man who seemed to be supervising two extra bicycles in addition to his own:

We entered Central Park and went to the top of Belvedere Castle where they were setting up for a film shoot.  The company included several Plus Size Models and a cast of men wearing masks and halloween makeup.  The drawing shows a model having her makeup applied.  In the background there's a guy wearing a Bird of Prey mask. ... Only in New York:

We finished up at the Museum of Natural History where we had a chance to do a Dead Man on a Horse sketch.  Here's mine:

If I understood correctly our drawings are going to be pooled with drawing that were being done by sketchers in Caracass to make a larger exhibit.  We were encouraged to upload our sketches via Twitter.  I think Richard, who organized the event, intends to post the finished project.


  1. Looks like a fun day. I like your last sketch in front of the museum.

  2. Your handling of the marker and sepia is a nice combination.


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