Sunday, October 19, 2014

High Line for the World Wide SketchCrawl

At times it seemed like the whole wide world was walking on the High Line while we were sketching. There were so many great views to sketch. I started with a sketch of the train yard. I loved the view from above.

Then I caught a few people busy at work.


I started a sketch of the area along the water...and then along came a helicopter. It moved out of my view before I could capture the whole thing and it was a long time before I got another view to finish the shape of it. I ended up using a photo to check that I had all the necessary details so it wouldn't crash. I even got Jim and Pat into the sketch...but it seems like everyone sketches Jim. lol

 The people sitting and standing on the bleachers were to good to pass up.

One of the best parts of the day is when we share sketches and information about what we did during the day.

 I think everyone would say the day was a success! Thanks, Susan, for organizing the day!


  1. Great reportage of the days events. Love the sketches, especially the helicopter!

  2. Great job with the photos! It was a great place to sketch.


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