Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jerry Shafer at Gowanus Canal

Jerry joined us for the first time this past Saturday when we went sketching at the Gowanus Canal.  When I first saw him he was working on an iPad.  From experience I know how difficult that can be and admired the skill of his canal sketch

Later when we changed locations and I dropped in again to see what he was doing, Jerry was working in a more traditional (for Urban Sketchers) style using watercolor to capture the view.

Jerry asked me to post his work, saying he wasn't good with technology.  I don't know.  Can you accept that explanation from a guy who's sketching on an iPad?  :-)

Glad you could join us and hope to see you again Jerry.


  1. Thanks,Mark I really don't know how to upload a photo to this time,you'll show me.

    A great day,and some great pictures posted.

  2. Jerry, glad to see you are good both with the iPad and a sketchbook. Nice work!


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