Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sketching Times Square

 There is a sea of humanity at Times Square.  As a joke one sketcher suggested we should go someplace that was so crowded that there were people all around who were constantly bumping into you as you sketched.  It wasn't quite that crowded, but on Sunday morning the area was filled with tourists, and the one thing you can't help observe is that, ...

Everyone Has a Camera

We saw many variations of people taking "Selfies".  The enhancement I loved was, ...

Camera On a Stick

With everyone moving and taking pictures, forming and reforming groups of momentary poses, the only thing you could depend on was that, ...

Sketchers Hardly Move and are Always Good Subjects to Draw

Later after we left Times Square and went to the Marriott Restaurant which overlooks Broadway and Seventh Avenue I caught Laura in a momentary pose that looked sketchable.  I asked her to hold that pose for a few moments, ... a Quicky Pose.

Laura in Thought


  1. These are such lively, vibrant sketches, Mark. I like that the set closed with a contemplative portrait of Laura. And that selfie stick is really quite fun. (My niece got one and chased us all with it at our family summer party.)

  2. Colourful sketches Mark. I like it!

  3. Mark, it doesn't look like there was a person without a camera or a phone taking pictures of everything. Good sketches!


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