Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sketching Gowanus

After saying hello and wandering around to get a feel for the place, I set up to do a sketch of the water.  That plan was interrupted when I spotted a group of environmentalists preparing to launch a balloon they intended to use to photograph the canal

Jim and Susan ended up included in the composition 
along with my thumb and foot.

Amy sat sketching in a canoe 
and I think we all ended up 
doing at least one drawing of her sitting there.

This romantic view including  people canoeing in the canal 
was done from the back of the  Whole Foods Parking lot.

I liked the light on James 
as he stood sketching 
by the railing overlooking the water


  1. Oh my. Your paintings just blow me away. You've, unbelievably, outdone yourself.

  2. Lovely notes on these sketches -- line- and color-wise, especially that portrait of James.

  3. Great work Mark! Love how so many captured Amy in the boat... very perceptive. One anatomy lesson however, in the sketch of Jim and I, objects(me) in the distance are supposed to appear smaller :)

  4. As always you do such great sketches of the people in action. Good job!


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