Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Last Section of the High Line

On Saturday we sketched the last section of the High Line - it's northern leg.  It was interesting and yet completely different from the first two sections.  I love the creativity of this new park's design.

My drawings could be organized into three groups:

The View looking Southwest

The Mandatory Picture of Jim
The first two are about what I saw when I got there.  I think we've all noticed  a common category.  We all end up doing drawings of Jim. Not sure why that is, but everyone seems to end up with at least one picture of him.  Here's mine.

The second set of sketches have to do with the fact that the High Line sits on top of the railroad entrance to NYC.  It's basically been hidden from view and not something you'd often see.  Its huge, it's vast, it's incredible how many trains and tracks there are.  It's all about vanishing points and perspective and finding quick ways to imply the complexity.

Kevin and Maike

Brian on percussion

The third set are about the people I met because I was sketching.  Kevin and Maike came and chatted with me as I drew.  We must have spent a half hour talking and enjoying the strange openness that sketching in public creates.  They both sketch and I hope they'll be joining us.

Brian was drumming and chanting.  Music adds a magical ingredient to sketching and I happily drew him.  He seemed delighted with the sketch when I showed it to him.


  1. Brian on percussion, a very good sketch. Congratulations!!

  2. Mark your sketch of the train cars has a nice energy to it. Al of these are nice, and it is gray that you sketched people that may join us in the future. I didn't see the drummer...maybe he was hidden in the crowds of people.


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