Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sketching the Rubin

A rainy Saturday forced a change of plans and we went to the Rubin Museum.  My first time.  What a beautiful jewel it is.  It's larger than I would have guessed and very specialized focusing on Tibetan and related art.  

I went from one exotic display to the next enjoying each one

During lunch we often end up sketching each other while we talk.  Tom Kealy was visiting from the UK.  I sketched him and later saw that he had also sketched me.

The truth is, even a rainy day spent sketch is still a great day.  Many thanks to the Rubin Museum for hosting Urban Sketchers this weekend.


  1. Great sketches, above all the first one, loose lines and complentary colours, red and green working together. a very good combination.

  2. Yes the lines and color look great on your sketch of the dragon!

  3. I really like the way you used the color on these sketches!!! It was a really fun place to sketch.


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