Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rogue Sketchers at Wave Hill

As Susan said a few posts ago, we headed over to Wave Hill in the Bronx on Saturday hoping for some colorful autumn trees...but it was still a little too soon.

I sat in front of the pergola (in my sketching chair) to do this first sketch looking toward NJ. 
You can see a hint of the Palisades below the roof of the pergola.

My next view was looking up at the pergola from the lawn down below. I sat down on my chair again only to be told by a guard that people are not allowed to use their own chairs (or blankets either) to sit on the lawn. You have to use the chairs and benches provided. Of course there were no chairs or benches down where I wanted to sit, so I took out one of my painting boards and sat on that on the grass leaning against the railing. I was busy sketching when all of a sudden hoards of people started walking in my direction and gathering right in front of me and blocking part of my view. It turned out to be a special event where a falcon was going to be released and then return to his handler. So I had to put up with the commotion for a while and hope the falcon didn't land on me by mistake. lol

My final sketch was of part of the building where the cafe is located. 

Susan was waiting for me at a table outside on the patio with a delightfully decadent chocolate chip cookie to share...that's a true friend!


  1. Great sketches Joan. Sorry you got busted by the chair police.

  2. Wonderful Joan. My favorite is the watercolor of the perhola.


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